Organic Goose – Taking orders now for Chritmas 2024! £22 a kilo

If you live in Dorset or South Wiltshire contact us directly.

We raise a small flock of geese each year for the Christmas market. Living an entirely free-range life, they fatten slowly on our organic grass, producing meat of exceptional quality and flavour. We walk our geese to their pasture each day and they return to the safety of the barn each evening where they are fed a ration of organic corn. We aim for the geese to reach a weight of between 4.5kg and 6kg depending on their natural growth. We never give them anti-biotics or growth promoters so although goose is a naturally fatty bird, ours have a fine balance of full-flavoured meat and delicious fat to roast potatoes in!

Because our flock of geese is small, demand always outstrips supply so please order early to enjoy the wonderful flavour of our goose this Christmas.

“We’ve been having goose for Christmas for 15 years, organic for the last 5. Yours is head and shoulders above any we’ve had before. Outstanding is putting it mildly” 2019

A note to say how much we enjoyed the goose. Best one I have tasted for a long time.” Niamh, Salisbury

“Just to let you know how totally AMAZING the goose was. Honestly it was really sublime, thank you.” Lizzie, Fovant