Winner Soil Association BOOM Awards 2017


Taste of Dorset Awards 2014


Great Taste Gold Award 2013


Taste of Dorset Awards 2013

Our chicken was awarded a Great Taste Gold Star in 2021!

“…shouts of a happy chicken that had a happy life running around outside.”  Great Taste Judges

Whole chicken – £9.20 per kilo

We think you’ll find our chicken truly delicious. Firm textured, juicy and full of flavour, you really can taste the difference – even stock made from the bones tastes better!

Our chickens spend their days grazing in spacious grassy fields, pecking the ground for bugs, scratching and dust-bathing. Nights are spent in handsome wooden hen houses, which allow them plenty of space to exhibit their natural behaviours. Their diet of grass and bugs is supplemented by organic GM-free corn, which is good for the environment and good for you too! Whilst intensively reared chickens live for around 42 days in cramped and stressful conditions, ours live a healthy, contented life for over three months.

“Lovely looking bird with good aroma. Breast meat is beautifully tender, succulent and tasty.” Great Taste Judges

“Very succulent texture – well retained in the white meat. A lovely natural flavour.” Taste of the West Judges

“The taste of two chickens in one.” Carol, Tisbury

“Chicken like it used to taste.” Ted M., Shaftesbury

“Your chicken tastes fantastic – out of this world.” Sue, Salisbury