Lambing in full swing

We are hard at work on the farm in one of the busiest periods of the year: lambing. In the six weeks before they lamb, our ewes are housed in a large barn with lots of fresh straw as bedding and fed extra rations in order to make sure that both they and the growing lamb have all the goodness they need. We check every four hours to make sure that all is well and will often find a new mother and her lambs safely delivered. On other occasions we have to be more hands-on assisting in the birth for the good of ewe and lamb. After being born, the sheep and her lambs are penned together for 48 hours of bonding. After that, they are turned out onto fresh grass to the great content of the sheep, the lambs and us – it’s always a good feeling to see the growing flock grazing on the spring grass knowing that lambing is going well.

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